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February 25, 2008

Thabiti Ponders Obama

Filed under: Race — Joshua @ 10:03 pm

Thabiti Anyabwile, friend and African-American pastor in the Grand Caymen Islands, considers the meaning of Barack Obama’s political success in “My Mama and Barack Obama.”

He says,

“What I think we’re seeing in large measure with Barack Obama is the American way of deposing dictators and fighting revolutions. Only the dictator is the small-minded racial and political genie that has for so long lived bottled up in the American mind. Well, the genie may be out of the bottle and I know what three wishes I’ll make: (1) the redefinition of personal identity which puts “race” or ethnicity in its proper perspective and place; (2) the advancement of opportunity at the highest level for all; and (3) the advancement of the gospel which finally and eternally remakes man and promotes him to the highest glories in Christ.”

Let us pray that this is so!


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