Visions from the Vincents

November 24, 2008

Seven ways to Redeem Thanksgiving

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1.    Use it as an opportunity to see what God is doing in the lives of other Christians in your family.  Remind Christian friends or family of things that you are thankful for.  Plan intentional discussions geared towards this end.  Also, implement traditions geared towards this.  This way Thanksgiving will illicit thoughts of gratitude to God and to others, because they will know they will be expected to share particular people and events they are grateful for. In particular, you should focus on lifting up praise to God for particular blessings.
2.    Use it as an opportunity to be an example of the gospel played out before non-Christians.  If you have an opportunity to share Thanksgiving with non-Christians, prepare your heart and the hearts of your family or friends who are Christians to display love and care for one another during this time as an expression of lives led by the Spirit of God.
3.    Use it as an opportunity to share the gospel w/ non-Christian families.  If non-Christians are going to be present, pray for them beforehand.  Anticipate sharing the gospel with them.  Try to drive conversations towards meaningful discussion.
4.    Use it as an opportunity to invite others into your home that are alone, or who have less.  One of the best ways to display the power gospel to your children and others is to show love to those who are different then you.  It carries with it an alien footprint that is not of this world.  People tend towards similarity.  Showing love, especially when difficult or costly, causes people to listen to you.  Moreover, this kind of love reflects a belief that all men and women are valuable because they are created in the image of God.
5.    Set apart a time to think about tangible reasons you have to be thankful.  Some people probably have spent more time thinking about what they are going to eat than why they are getting together.
6.    Don’t let your thanksgiving be confined to the 4th Thursday of every November.  Thanksgiving for the Christian is a way of life.

7. Watch a lot of football, but make sure you spend more time communicating and relating with others than vegging out.  You have little spiritual responsibility for who wins between Texas A&M and Texas, but I do have a responsibility to those God puts me in an actual room with.


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