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July 15, 2008

Student Life 2008

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Louie Giglio

This past week 11 of us set off for Student Life at the Beach with LouieGiglio and Christ Tomlin.  The camps theme was “The Way” with the theme verse being Acts 19:23—“About that time there arose no little disturbance concerning the Way.” We had an excellent experience and I believe we met with God.  My hope is that the time that we spent together will prove fruitful.  I challenged the congregation and the students with six practical ways to encourage growth after the weekend.  Three take aim at the congregation as a whole and three are particularly focused on the youth.

Where to go from here?
1.    Pray for particular youth by name.  The way is hard and narrow that leads to life, and youth need other Christians who are willing to get involved in their lives on a relational level so they can know how to pray intelligibly for them.
2.    Invest in a youth with more than financial investments.  Get to know them.  Speak truth informed from the Bible into their lives.  Get involved.  Young adults are facing big issues and they have big questions. It is going to take more than a playstation 3 to address the questions and problems they are grappling with.
3.    Know the Way yourself.  You can’t speak truth into a students life it you do not know the truth yourself.  It is hard to apply God’s timeless truth in time and space.  We need lay theologians who are equipped and ready to speak to difficult issues.  If you are not prepared, you could give a student poor advice that will result in life long consequences.  If you are prepared, you could help send him down the narrow path and through the narrow gate.
4.    Practice the spiritual disciplines, including coming to church.  Your parents might not come to church.  They may be unfaithful.  In fact, you may be more faithful than they are.  But, one day it will be you standing before Christ and giving an account for the breath that God has given you.  What will you say?
5.    Remember Ashley and be an agent of conviction in your parents life.  Louie shared the story of a girl who was converted by the faithful testimony of a Christian room mate she called Fruitcake.  Three months after her conversion she died in an automobile accident.  Because of the radical change in her life over those three months, the day after her funeral, her atheist father, told Louie that he didn’t believe in God but that he wanted to speak to the man that had spoken to his daughter and led her to dynamically change her life. In gentleness and love encourage them in the gospel.  Live in such away that parents are convicted that they need to be more faithful to God and others.
6.    Live big on the narrow road.   Louie encouraged students to have a big idea for how God can use them to make Jesus famous.  I would simply echo these sentiments and encourage students to live for God’s renown.


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